Undertourism: How to Make Archaeological Sites and Museums More Attractive as Destinations

Looking back from the future, we may remember 2017 as the year in which “overtourism,” “tourismophobia,” and “tourism fatigue” were finally recognised as critical global challenges. As a result, sustainable tourismbecame one of the hottest topics in place branding. Make no mistake: overtourism is real and it is here to stay. Having said that, could overtourism be a bit like obesity? The similarity is entirely conceivable.

Like overtourism, obesity is a global plague. Nevertheless, the latter is often referred to as a “disease of influence” or a “Western disease.” People from affluent nations are disproportionately more likely to be overweight.[i]

Overtourism, too -at least for now- concentrates in specific geographies. The disease has been most visible in cities such as BarcelonaAmsterdam, Palma de Mallorca, and Venice.

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