Interview with Günter Soydanbay on How to Succeed in City Branding, with Lessons from Turkey

Günter Soydanbay in this interview shares unique insights into the world of city branding by taking us on a journey to the cities of Gaziantep and Izmir in Turkey. He discusses the role of psychology in place branding, frequent mistakes (and how to avoid them), and reveals three points which – based on his experience – he considers essential for city branding success.

The interview is part of a special series with place brand professionals participating in the City Nation Place Forum and Awards, taking place in London, UK on 9 November 2017. 

Learn about:

  • What place branding has to do with psychology;
  • Key elements for place branding success;
  • Common mistakes in city branding, and how to avoid them;
  • How to engage and align stakeholders in city branding;
  • Lessons learned from city branding projects in Gaziantep and Izmir, Turkey.

Click here to read the full interview.

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