Branding through Collaboration

Today, I’d like to share a wonderful presentation with you. The presenter’s name is Mrs. M.J. Braide. She  is a renowned brand strategist from Toronto, Canada. I watched her webinar about a week ago.  Then I said to myself: “Maybe I should make all my clients watch this video at the beginning of every new project.” It is full of insights, and actionable ideas. But most importantly, M.J. shows us the future of branding. A brand is not a logo and branding is not simply design. She talks about how the process of branding can be used to build bridges within an organization… Maybe even heal some wounds. Why don’t you watch the video and tell me what you think?

In case the video is not working, here is the complete list of collaborative techniques mentioned by the presenter:

  1. Appreciative Inquiry
  2. Positive Deviance
  3. World Cafe
  4. Gamestorming
  5. Affinity Mapping
  6. Dotmocracy
  7. Open Space Technology
540-698 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada

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